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Why is Self-Care Important?

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As it’s the time of covid-19 and we all the surviving through it, care and specially self-care is a challenge now. It is requisite to be kind to ourselves regarding own care. People are becoming robots, while just working on the gadgets (cell phones, laptops, tables, games etc). They have no healthy activity to make themselves, feel fresh and active. This kind of lifestyle is very hazardous. Caring your own self is audacious now-a-days, ever than before.

Due to the usage of these machines day and night, sleep is no more. As sleep behaves like a span between the mental and physical health. Sleep is the plain, free of cost self-care one can do for oneself. By taking a proper sleep one can maintain his health.

As an adult, it is very hard to get a proper sleep, by aging day by day responsibilities overwhelms you.

Over-thinking about settling the things badly frustrates man. Being caring for yourself will make your professional work and life easy for you, and support you to achieve things easily. It will aid your mind to proficiently do the task by neglecting the struggle and huddles in the way.

If we will not heed attention towards the care of ourselves, we will be like machines and, machine soon get out of order if we don’t give them time to cool down and then start them again to do work. Likewise human beings also need attention, to concentrate about health otherwise it can harm our mind and we can have disorders like anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and phobias. Always avoid social isolation, get indulged with people, things and even with nature if you want to live life. Remoteness will only make you weak, so keep away from it.

        β€œTime will never let you love yourself, so love yourself time will be yours.”

Mental disorders initially attack your sleep and then remove it completely from your life and you just behave like a zombie, by adding alcohols and drugs in your life. Never waste your energy on what other says. No matter what happens , never let yourself move down.

Produce the source which keeps you motivate, it can be a thing or can be the companionship of your friends. Who keep you up warm and energetic to achieve your goals.

β€œLove yourself, care yourself to live yourself.”

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