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Why I love WordPress?

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Love for WordPress is not something illogical or irrational. It is really based on some logical and sound reasons which will surely urge you too to love WordPress. Before stating the reasons, I would like to introduce what WordPress is? Although it does not require any introduction but just giving it for my satisfaction. WordPress is a website content management system written in PHP language. You can use it to create your own website.

“WordPress is powering up to 39.5% of all websites in 2021, up from powering 35% of sites in 2020.” A report by Search Engine Journal

There are some other options too to make a website like Wix, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, etc. but again WordPress is the best CMS for most of the community that’s why having almost 60% shares of all Content Management System market.

So lets move toward the main discussion that why I love WordPress.


These are the reasons which compelled me to love WordPress but keep in view the fact there are so many reasons to submit yourself to WordPress but the reasons mentioned below are the most essential ones.

Free to use

WordPress is free to use and there are no software licensing charges. Rather than remunerating a pricy monthly or annual fee, as a developer or website owner, on WordPress, you can turn up as many sites as you want without worrying about licensing and copyrights. But side by side keep in mind WordPress.org is a self-hosted version

Easy as typing on word

To use WordPress is as easy as typing on the word. It does not require proper technical knowledge or coding but just basic knowledge to operate all the functionalities. But in any case, if you are stuck in something so we know that a huge community is using WordPress as a result we can have a large number of ‘how to tutorials’ too.

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You can make your dream website without knowing a single code. Add as many posts and pages as you want. WordPress is flexible enough to make any kind of website, it ranges from a simple blog to a fully functional and technical eCommerce store.


Plugins enable you to expand your website with no boundaries. Hundreds of thousands of plugins are available. Just search your required plugin and then install plus activate it. Plugins add more functionality to your website.


If you are someone who is not into coding you can have a ready-made theme. Search your niche related themes and check if it suits your requirement. You can simply download it from google or WordPress’s own theme directory.


The important thing is to be known to the world and that is possible with SEO. WordPress makes It easy for a website to be optimizable. You just have to install a plugin for SEO. All in one SEO pack and Yoast SEO are two famous SEO plugins. Install one of these mentioned plugins and activate it. It will not only optimize your website but also gives you suggestions that how can be your content more optimizable.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to own choices and inclinations based on previous experiences. It is not always like what works for one person does work for the other too. When it turns up to technology, I don’t know it all; it is impracticable to know it all. However, I wanted to put my emphasis on one platform and become an expert in it. I have worked on enough platforms in recent time to form my own view and to make a decision on which platform I am easier in working on.


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