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16 Easy Tips for Sleep Hygiene

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In personality growth, how important is our sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene shows how comfortable your sleep is. It mirrors the habits that help in generating sound sleeping behavior. The daily practice of sleeping hygiene can improve physical and mental health. Every night’s sleep has a great impact on a person’s daily routine life activities. Moreover, good sleep hygiene keeps the stress under control. So today we are going to give you some very easy tips for sleep hygiene.

Sleep hygiene has an important role in personality development. Where following better sleep hygiene increases the productivity of work and intelligence to learn new skills. According to McGill University research, kids with good sleep hygiene can learn mathematics and more languages and vice versa. Further, another research shows adults having low sleep hygiene have more chances to have behavior problems like depression and mood swings. They lack attention, focus on tasks, and an awareness of the ability to take part in daily performance. You may be thinking now what are those amazing and easy tips for sleep hygiene so here we go…

Tips For Sleep Hygiene

Tips for Sleep Hygiene

Better tomorrow depends on today’s better night’s sleep. Following are some tips for sleep hygiene.


Taking a shower and having a night-time skin routine makes your skin and body look good and fresh. A shower takes away all the worries with the water flow and lightens the body.

Bed preparation

Make your bedsheets and have a clean sheet for taking over your body. It gives a sense of peace and enhances comfort. As per National Sleep Foundation, people having neat and clean bedding have reported more comfortable sleeping as compared to others.

Bed Investment

Having a comfy pillow allows the body to relax and repels muscle cramps. As our one-third of the day is spent sleeping. Sleeping means recharging your system just like a phone. So, it’s better to invest in a nice pillow and mattress.

Bed clock

Keeping a specific time and moving to bed after doing daily chores make a sleeping routine. Daily scheduled sleeping makes sleeping easy and makes you wake up at a specific time.


Take a glass of water 30 minutes before sleeping. It relaxes and hydrates our whole body system.

To-do list

Prepare yourself for the next day so you don’t have to be hurried in the morning. Making a to-do list for the next day keeps the tasks in line. It helps in motivating us to wake up early in the morning.

Gratitude journal

Thinking positive and practicing thankfulness before sleeping is a blessing for us. Because all these thoughts remain in the subconscious memory for the entire night. If you think bad about yourself or anyone, you are sending bad vibes to the thinking person that would create a bad aura and make the next morning a bit off track.

Food Intake

if we eat food just before sleeping, our system loses track. Most chances are indigestion and headache that would create trouble in the way of good sleep. Doctors suggest you take your meal at least 3 hours before sleeping.

Golden milk

Taking golden milk at night also helps in having a good night’s sleep and muscles strong.

Avoid Caffeine

It’s better to avoid cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and caffeine at night.

Walk after dinner

A walk of at least 10 minutes after a meal helps in maintaining a good digestive system. Good digestion helps us with many diseases.

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Mindful thinking

Just like food is for the body, reading is the food to your mind. Reading one or two pages daily before sleeping increases your knowledge, vocabulary, and thinking ability.


The therapist suggests the physical activity of a minimum of 30 minutes a day or night would keep the physical and mental health in better form. A great mind and body can have a good night’s sleep.

Limit screen time

It’s better to keep the screen away from the bedroom. So, our system knows the bedroom is for the rest, not for the screen time. The screen usually makes the system hyperactive. That’s why it is better to keep away from the screen at least 1 hour before sleeping.


Keep your thinking on track. If you are worrying or thinking about something that happened in the past and still feel bad about yourself about that incident. Write the incident on the paper and write what’s the lesson you have learned from that mistake. Once learned, you will not worry about it again. You have done your catharsis.

Mindful thinking

Mindful thinking includes tracking the thought process and keeping it in the right and progressive way. This way you think and help your future self. Most therapists suggest writing your thoughts on a notepad or your phone relaxes your mind.

If you still find a problem with sleeping, even after adopting the tips for sleep hygiene then consulting a doctor is not a bad idea. But following bed rituals, night-time showers and mindful thinking does not hurt too. 😉


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