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Important Tips on How to Reduce Sweating

How to reduce sweating

Sweating is the cooling down of your body and for the most part, it is normal and healthy. However, around 3% of American adults have a condition called hyperhidrosis, which makes them sweat excessively.

Sweating is the body’s natural process of regulating its temperature. When we’re hot, we sweat. This moisture then evaporates and cools us. Sweating is a natural part of everyday life.

However, some people find sweating undesirable in certain social situations, especially when their sweat leaves noticeable wet spots or stains. In these situations, there are some tips and strategies that can serve as an answer to this eminent question; how to reduce sweating?

Tips on how to reduce sweating

Eating habits; you must Avoid

There are some eating options that you should avoid if you are going out to a business lunch or if you don’t want to sweat in a social situation. Develop a healthy routine and avoid spicy foods at all costs. Our body reacts to spicy food the same way it does to any other heat – it tries to cool things down, which leads to sweating.

Caffeine is also not recommended as it stimulates our adrenal glands and makes the palms, feet, and armpits sweat.

Instead, you should consume fruits and vegetables high in water and help you stay fresh.


An antiperspirant is a topical substance that blocks the sweat glands. Antiperspirants contain metals like zinc and aluminum that prevent pores from sweating. This is different from a deodorant that only covers the smell of sweat.

While antiperspirants are most commonly used on the armpits, they can also be used on the hands, feet, and face in people with hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes excessive sweating. While antiperspirants aren’t a major health risk, they can sometimes irritate the skin and cause breakouts or pimples.

Antiperspirants are available over the counter and are often combined with deodorants. Although they are commonly known as deodorants, you will notice the word “antiperspirant” on the packaging. Antiperspirants are available to doctors such as Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, SkinSafe Dermatology, and Skin Care.

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Consider These Benefits Of Using Antiperspirants To Stop Sweating:

Apply before sweating. Antiperspirants must be applied before you sweat to be effective. “The key is applying them to dry skin so that they can form salt crystals in the sweat canal,” Shainhouse said. Minerals in the antiperspirant like salt block the sweat ducts and prevent sweat from escaping.

Plan ahead. Antiperspirants can be applied at night and often last until the next day.

“Applying an antiperspirant in the dark is right because the blood heat is lower and therefore the skin is usually drier, which allows it to be used more effectively,” said Tara L. Kaufmann, MD, a dermatologist at Stony Brook University Hospital.

Consider shaving. “Shaving your armpit hair can help make antiperspirants more effective and minimize the odor of sweat,” says Kaufmann.

Lightweight Clothing

The best way to reduce sweating with the clothing you select is to wear lightweight, breathable fabrics with good ventilation. Lighter colors also help reflect rather than absorb the sun. Therefore, wearing white can help keep you cool and reduce sweat.

If this is not possible, choose dark colors or patterns that will distract and hide sweat. You can also layer your clothing so that sweat is visible on the outer layer. Here are some more tips on how to get dressed if you sweat excessively.

Kaufmann said avoiding materials and matching synthetic fibers like nails, beams, or chairs that add calories and more stitches. The color of your clothes probably doesn’t make a big difference.

Drinking More Water

Drinking water can help the body get cool and reduce sweating too, Shainhouse says.

This is an easy way to make sure you are drinking enough water every day. Divide your weight (in pounds) in half; This is the number of ounces of water you will need. So if you weigh 160 pounds(72.5 kg), it means you should drink 80 fluid ounces (9 8-ounce cups or 2.3 liters) every day. Drinking keeps you hydrated side by side, fresh and calm.






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