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How to live the Happiest Life?

how to live the happiest life

Happiness is a rare feeling which everybody doesn’t get. Because most of the time, we just face hard situations and problems. We just get stuck in those problems and don’t get happy. Happiness is a way of living a beautiful life. We indeed have to face many hurdles while walking on the way which leads to happiness, but it’s part of life.

There’s this misconception that success leads to happiness. Happiness leads to success. Because when you’ll be happy and positive, then you can focus on your goals, hard work with devotion and you’ll be able to get success. How to live the happiest life is everyone’s desire. Here your attitude towards life and yourself matters a lot. This is how happiness plays an important role in your success.

`”For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Below we’ll be talking about the 7 books about happiness that will help you out in finding the ways of happiness. Through these books, you can learn how to be happy in your life and which are those things that can make you happy. Because to be happy is important for a good life. I assure you reading these lovely books you will the simple ways to live the happiest life.

7 Best Self-help books that will lead you to a happier life

1. The Art of Happiness—Dalai Lama

A psychiatrist wrote this book. His name was Dr. Culter, and he based his book on interviews. Dalai Lama, a Noble Peace Prize Winner, is famous for his sense of peace. In this book “the art of happiness-Dalai Lama” Howard C. Cutler presents a western view of the Dalai Lama, a Buddhist monk.

According to this book, happiness is our primary purpose in life. the question of how to live the happiest life? come’s in every person’s mind This book argues that by training our hearts and minds and working on our attitudes, we can achieve happiness. This book suggests to the readers to pay attention to those things which make them happy and eliminate those which make them sad and upset.

the art of happiness cover page

Dalai Lama says; we should show compassion to everyone, and he further explains that showing empathy can help us generate compassion. This book also explores spiritual teachings, as spirituality is about benefiting yourself. It also talks about keeping away the depression and evil feelings of anger, jealousy, etc.

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2. Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment – Martin E.P. Seligman

authentic happiness

This book was published in 2004 and was written by Martin Seligman. He was a psychologist and presented the idea that happiness is not because of ‘being lucky’ and ‘the right genes’. Actually, authentic happiness is focusing and paying attention to one’s strengths, not focusing on the weaknesses.

We know Martin Seligman as the father of Positive Psychology. He puts forward the 24 strengths and virtues which make our psyche. According to him, we all possess these strengths and virtues. He gives the name of ” Signature Strengths” to these strengths and virtues. One can achieve happiness when he uses his strengths to improve his life.

The author provides some resources and through these resources; he shows readers how to realize their highest virtues and act according to them in a new way. Using one’s strengths or signature strengths enables individuals to make the world around them a better place.

According to Amazon, this book is a powerful work of popular psychology for years. Daniel Goleman, the author of “Emotional Intelligence” called this book ” Authentic Happiness” “a practical map of flourishing life”. “Authentic Happiness” can be purchased from here.

3. The Happiness Trap: How to Stop Struggling And Start Living: A Guide to Act – Russ Harris and Steven C. Hayes PhD

The happiness trap cover

Russ Harris was a psychological practitioner with particular expertise in stress management. He trained psychologists, doctors, and other health professionals in using mindfulness. He published this book in 2013. In this book, He introduced ACT, which means Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

ACT revolves around the mindfulness-based program which aims to decrease stress and find fulfillment. This book is the best seller internationally, and it has been published in using 22 different languages and 30 countries so far. Russ Harris explains the myths about happiness and popular ideas about it.

The author suggests that these myths mislead and become the cause of stress, anxiety, and depression. According to him, many psychology programs make things worse as well. The title of this book “The Happiness Trap” summarizes the argument that the more people try to achieve happiness they get more suffer in the long term.

ACT enables readers to leave the happiness trap behind and explore the meaning and satisfaction in their lives. Mindfulness skills are quick and easy ways to decrease stress, improve performance, deal with emotions effectively, enhance your health, and can improve the quality of your life.

“The Happiness Trap” covers scientifically proven techniques that can be used for the development of a meaningful life. This can be purchased from here.

4. The Happiness Advantage: How a Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work And Life- Shawn Achor

The happiness advantage

Shawn Achor is a lecturer at Harvard University and he co-designed a course on “Happiness”. Each year, he presents more than 150 courses on the science of happiness and human potential. He conducted a study on happiness and human potential which was the largest study surveying more than 1600 students.

This book is based on the 7 core principles of positive psychology and everyone should practice these to improve and enhance their performance and achieve success. It is believed that if you work hard so you’ll become more successful and this success will lead you to happiness but this is a misconception.

According to this book, when you feel happy, then you become successful. Shawn Achor explains in “The Happiness Advantage” that happiness operates performance and success. If we throwback when we felt happy, then we’ll notice that when we are more positive, more creative, more engaged, more productive, and able to cope with stress.

This book is really useful for everyone who is looking for some practical ways how to live the happiest life. You can get this self-help book on Amazon.

5. Happiness is an Inside Job: Practicing For a Joyful Life- Sylvia Boorstein

happiness is an inside job

Sylvia Boorstein, the writer of this book is a practicing psychologist and co-founding teacher at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California. She has written many best-selling books such as “It’s easier than you think”, “that’s funny, You Don’t Look Buddhist” etc.

The Author asks some interesting questions in her book like how is it possible to remain engaged with life day after day? How can we keep our minds in a cheerful mood and continue loving when life itself is complicated, challenging, and frequently disappointing? She noticed that the secret of happiness is to develop and connect with kindness.

According to her, happiness is found by being kind, not just with your friends and family but with yourself as well. Being kind to those whom we don’t know. In this book, the author has introduced some key lessons from Buddhism, such as Wise Mindfulness, Wise Efforts, and Wise Concentration.

Further, she reveals that by engaging in these lessons, how can we move on from depression, stress, and anxiety rather than find calmness and enjoy the living present moments. Apart from this, she also shares her role as a grandmother and her knowledge as a psychotherapist. Her engaging stories will portray in readers’ hearts and minds.

The message in this book is that we all share this journey as in life we love one another and we pursue console and the best way to live a life is to live it happily.

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6. Stumbling on Happiness-Daniel Gilbert

Stumbling on happiness cover

Professor Daniel Gilbert, who was the winner of the Royal Society of the Science Prize in 2007, wrote this book. In his book, he explains that most of us don’t know how to make ourselves happy. Further, he explains everyone desires to be happy, but how can we do this?

According to him, we don’t know what will make us happy and give us happiness in the future. The book explains how our brains predict the future and explores that our brains can imagine what they will enjoy in the future and present as well. Daniel Gilbert also explores the area of “human motivation”.

In this book, the writer reveals many interesting questions like why couples claim their children are a source of joy, they are less satisfied after having children? Why do people order fresh meals when they eat with others, rather than selecting that what they want? Professor Daniel Gilbert has previously won several awards for teaching and research.

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7. Happiness Beyond Thought: A Practical Guide to Awakening – Gary Weber

Happiness beyond thought cover

Gary Weber, who is the writer of this book, has lived a very successful life. He also has a full understanding of life. The author achieved a sense of enlightenment. In his book, he provides a set of Yoga practices which he has designed for the people who look for the path of enlightenment.

The practices in which Asana, Pranayama, chanting, and meditation are included provide readers with a practical way of awakening. These are simple and easy to follow. These practices were developed from Weber’s chasing to knowledge with Ramana Marashi, who was his primary teacher.

In his book, he shares his ongoing pursuit of Zen meditation practice and the things he learned about how can we make better one’s life from the laboratory, which is his yoga mat. You can access this book on Amazon.

These are some books about happiness which we have discussed above. These books talk about actually how to live the happiest life, how can we control our stress and depression, and what are those ways by following we can live a happy and successful life. And I hope these books will be beneficial for making you live life happily.


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