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How to live a longer healthier life? – 7 Healthy Habits

How to live a longer healthier life

How to live a longer healthier life

In this global village, every person is too much busy with his affairs. How to live a longer healthier life is too much important to discuss in this era. Back then many people thought genes handle a short and long lifespan, this is not true.

According to new studies, the lifespan of a normal human being depends upon the environment in which he lives and the lifestyle he adopts.

In the united states, the average life expectancy was below 50 years before the 20th century. Nowadays the newborn child can expect to live for 80 years. This only happens because of a good public health care system and better healthy lifestyles.

To increase the lifespan, one should add some good healthy habits to his life. In this article, we will tell you about those habits which can increase your lifespan if you adopt them properly.

how to live a longer healthier life

7 healthy habits to have a better, longer, and healthy life

The following are some healthy habits that are going to be the answer to today’s question; how to live a longer healthier life

1. Don’t Overeat

There is a direct link between a healthy life and calorie intake. Recent studies on animals have predicted that if the total calorie intake is reduced by 10-50% the lifespan can be increased.
The lower calorie intake just not only increases the life span but also helps the body to fight the disease. Thus, a body can have good health and a good lifespan.
What’s next? A low-calorie diet can decrease body weight and belly fat. Both of them are responsible for a shorter lifespan.

2. Eat Healthy food

Now you know what to avoid. You should know what you have to eat. Try to shift your diet to food that consists of nutrients. The following can help to choose the best diet for yourself.

• Nuts are the best example to get fibre, protein, and antioxidants. Furthermore, they are rich in vitamins. Not just that nuts can help your system to fight heart disease, inflammation, and high blood pressure problems.

• Try Turmeric to deal with anti-ageing problems. Turmeric has a spice that contains curcumin and studies have shown that curcumin is responsible for the increased lifespan of mice and insects.

• Try to shift your diet towards plants. Recent studies mention that the body which consumes a lot of fruit, vegetables, and seeds can have a greater lifespan. It also helps the immune system to fight dangerous bacteria and keep you healthy.

3. Do exercise

According to Edward Smith-Stanley “Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness”
It is not new that practising some exercises can increase your health as well as lifespan. This is been medically proven that if a person exercises for just 15 minutes a day and does it regularly, it can add 3 years more into his life. Doing exercise can help the mind deal with stress and depression.

4. Don’t Smoke

Although everybody knows “smoking is injurious to health” how does this habit affect the lifespan of a normal person? Smoking can shorter the life span of a person. Studies show that smokers can lose up to 10 years of their life and also have 3 times more chance to die prematurely. But remember, it’s never too late.

Studies have shown that those who have quit smoking at the age of 35 can add 8.5 years to their lifespan. Even if a person quit smoking at 80 still can add some years to his life.

5. Happiness is the key

If the person is not happy with his life and is always stressed about normal stuff, then his life span will be shortened by a great margin. This is the most crucial habit one has to adopt to increase the lifespan. A joyful person doing no change in his lifestyle can easily increase his lifespan. If you are happy with your life, with your work and lifestyle, you don’t have to deal with mental stress and depression. Studies have revealed that a depressed person cannot live a longer life.

To live a longer life, prioritize your happiness. Keep your happiness at first and then place anything you want into your life. You can do some exercise so you can find the answer to how you can become a cheerful person. Start reading about success stories and delightful novels. This will help you deviate your brain from a hectic routine.

6. Keep a Healthy Social Circle

Studies have shown that if the social circle is healthy, then you are likely to increase your lifespan by 50%. If your social circle has only 3 ties, you can decrease your untimely death by 200%. A healthy social circle can also help you get rid of chronic diseases. It can also help to realize the stress.

7. Discipline Yourself

Last but not least. Discipline can play a good role to increase your lifespan. If the person is not disciplined about his life choices about his actions, he cannot correctly decide. The people who are disciplined have low psychiatric issues to deal with. They don’t have to deal with high blood pressure issues. This thing comes with time and experience. So, if you are not disciplined about your action don’t worry it will establish in you after some time. Try to search for ways how you can be disciplined.


This may seem very hard to increase your lifespan but with small changes in your habit, you can achieve it. Try to use the above suggestion one at a time it will help you to be disciplined. If you adopt these habits appropriately, this can boost your lifespan.

“To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” – William Londen


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