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How to Boost Self Confidence?

build your confidence


“The ability level or a soft skill of an individual to perform a task, being sure about the results is confidence.”

It’s a Latin word ‘fidere’ that means ‘trust’.

So from this, it is concluded that confidence is the trust of a person on its own.


Its significance can be determined from the results of two groups of people one, who are confident while working and the other who is not.

A confident person finds the way by hook and cook but others lose the game. In this modern era, only a confident person can survive, because it’s the only key to every gate you wanted to open.

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Steps to build confidence:

  • Experience new things:

Always allow your child to experience new things. Do supervision of his/her but don’t forcefully put your child in the boundaries. Our over restrictions will harm your child’s cognitive abilities.

  • Parents support:

Support your child in everything whether they are wrong or right. Stand by them like a backbone, but an invisible one. Assist them when only, you feel they are in danger. Tell them to take a little risk in their lives.

  • Take risk:

Risks help them to learn more efficiently. The risk child took in his/her life will be productive in developing abilities. The lessons you learn from some experience are always long-lasting.

“Man never repeats the mistake he has learnt from the time and life”.

  • Set some goals:

Mark your goals on the bench and then work hard to achieve that. If you want to achieve something, you have to set some levels. As it is a soft skill and individual so you have to work alone and continuously.

  • Make a hobby:

A hobby provides your mind a comfortable environment to enjoy things in a good way. So when you work flexibly it always you fruitful results. It dispenses your mind to think about the goals more competently.

  • Be Optimistic:

“The optimistic you are the more confident you would be.”

Optimism furnishes your mind, with positivity and provides you a zone to think about anything intrepidly.

  • Do what you are good at:

Chose the carrier or the job, in which you wanted to go. The things you do with your heart will always better than those which are imposed on you by others. You can’t walk in your father’s shoes. You will fall now and then. Wear your own shoes and then walk with them dauntlessly.

  • Choose any outdoor game:

Choose any outdoor game for play just to keep you fit because physical health is also essential. When you are physically fit and healthy you can perform your life tasks better. You can concentrate on your goals productively. Otherwise, physical health will be a hindrance throughout your life. A good attractive body is a source of confidence.

  • Disregard unnecessary things and peoples:

Ignore the things and people that distract you from your goals. Join the company of those who boost you up. These kinds of negative thoughts will lose your confidence and will be an obstruction to your abilities.

  • Read daily:

Reading is the strongest component in making yourself confident. Add it to your daily routine to read about a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes or a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes. It can be in English or Urdu, but preferably English because its demand is expanding. Separate the vocabulary words find their meanings. Learn at least five words their meaning, use, and spellings. If you do it for six months or a year you don’t know how much stronger you will be in your language. The grip over your language will make you the strongest and wise person.

“Do experiments, take risks, because experiences mark your confidence level”.


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