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14 Best Paying Micro Job Websites

best paying micro job websites

Best Paying Micro Job Websites

The income for micro-jobs varies according to the site you work for and the sort of activity you do. But, no matter which platform you use, one thing is certain: you will not make a lot of money performing microtasks. At most, you’ll earn a few bucks each hour.

To be sure, some sites pay more than others — and it’s even feasible to get greater than that on Mechanical Turk once you’ve accumulated expertise and applied for higher positions (the site uses a tiered ranking system). Furthermore, some best paying micro job websites will raise your earnings as long as it continues to accomplish micro work for them.

While the task is simple and could be completed in quick doses so when you have the opportunity, the truth is that microwork isn’t that useful for anything more than putting a few dollars in your wallet. There are several side hustles available that can allow you to earn substantially more money for your efforts.
However, if you want to generate some extra money in your leisure time without much worry or commitment, these best paying micro job websites can assist.

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The Best Micro Job Sites:

As a recap, we define micro jobs as tasks that take no more than a half-hour to do and do not need any special skills.

1. Appen

Appen personnel participates in activities that aid in the training of artificial intelligence to perform diverse functions for use in a number of industries. Some of the micro-jobs available on Appen include mediating material, categorizing social media postings, transcribing audio, and doodling borders on images. The company also offers longer-term data collection initiatives.

2. Clickworker

Freelancers on Clickworker do activities that teach artificial intelligence to detect things in photographs and communicate with humans. On Clickworker, you may construct textual portions, classify data, proofread/copy edit text, do basic research, take images, record audio or video, and conduct surveys. Clickworkers may also perform mystery shopping and app testing. Payments are paid via PayPal on a weekly or monthly basis.

3. Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk, owned and run by Amazon, crowdsources microwork to assist businesses in outsourcing a variety of minor jobs. Mechanical Turk employees may help with picture and video processing, data processing and cleaning, information mining for businesses, online paid surveys, and other tasks.

4. Neevo

Neevo hires micro employees to assist educate artificial intelligence to execute a variety of manual tasks. Neevo employees may identify photographs, comment text, or even record themselves reading the passages and converting it to audio. Tests can be taken by freelancers in order to acquire access to more tasks.

5. Hive Micro

Workers may use Hive Micro to categorize items, follow entities over video frames, and transcribe audio, among other things. Workers are paid more for more difficult duties, but each assignment requires them to pass a test. You get paid monthly via PayPal, while Hive Micro also accepts Bitcoin payments.

6. UserTesting.Com

UserTesting pays you to test the usability and intuitiveness of their clients’ websites. Tests typically last 20 minutes, and testers may earn $10 each test, making it the highest-paying position on our list. For roughly $1 per minute, testers may also have live interactions with the company they’re assisting. However, you must qualify for each chance based on a number of characteristics (such as your age and gender), and there are only a limited amount of testing opportunities available.

7. TriMyUI

TriMyUI is just another website on which you can join up to evaluate web pages for usability and responsiveness and be paid for it. As with UserTesting, you record your voice and display while doing the assessment, then answer some written questions afterward. Every Friday, payment is made via PayPal.

8. Spare5

Spare5 employees are compensated for annotating photographs, assessing language for tone and other components, isolating photo elements by painting borders around them, and providing keywords for photos. Spare5 puts your efforts to use in order to train artificial intelligence. For microwork on the go, the firm provides both a website and a mobile app.

9. Scribie

Scribie is a micro worksite that specializes in audio transcription services. Scribes may earn $5 to $25 for every audio hourly transcribed, plus a monthly incentive of $5 for every three hours transcribed. The platform’s audio files are all 10 minutes or less. Scribie also provides an automatic transcript to help with the process. There are no schedule or hour restrictions, and you may transfer your profits to PayPal at any moment.

10. Slice The Pie

Slice The Pie is a micro job site that will pay you to compose brief evaluations and express your thoughts. Because the site concentrates on the music and fashion sectors, you’ll find reviews of songs, albums, products, garments, and other comparable goods. As you continue to use the site and post more useful evaluations, you will be able to earn more each review.

11. MicroWorkers

MicroWorkers provides access to a wide range of jobs that companies want someone to accomplish. Each task you complete increases your “Success Rate,” allowing you to apply for more jobs and earn more money. You may even take part in group tasks, in which one firm hires you and many other micro employees for a larger assignment.

12. Picoworkers

Picoworkers connect company owners with micro workers to assist them with little tasks. As a worker on the site, you may accomplish activities such as writing company evaluations, taking surveys, testing applications, and writing short articles. When you provide your job to your customer, you are paid in your preferred currency (cash or cryptocurrency).

13. RemoTasks

RemoTasks provides a wide range of micro activities, including picture annotations, extracting information, transcription, and more. RemoTask employees who have enough platform experience can become trusted reviewers and boost their salaries. Exams can also be taken to broaden your career prospects on the site.

14. Toloka

Toloka is a micro employment website that mostly provides data-related tasks. Annotating photographs, validating specific facts, labeling data, classifying data, and filtering material are all tasks. You can withdraw your profits once a week for as low as 2 cents, based on the mode of withdrawal, or even more than once a week for a $1 minimum.

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Final Thoughts

Micro tasks might be useful if you have a few extra minutes and are in an area where you can’t readily work on more in-depth side projects, such as public transportation.

So they’re worth the try if you have a few spare minutes, but if you’re looking to develop a serious side income, we’d recommend exploring a side hustle concept that requires a little more work, as these brilliant ideas to make money if you need additional cash and have a little more time.


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